Know It B4 U Need It – Or Know Where to Find It

What is Know It B4 U Need?

The #KnowItB4UNeedItCampaign was established to help people find where to get help in Richland County, Ohio. Primarily a prevention campaign to help our residents find resources for mental health, addiction and trauma before they need it, our messages include what to do if you are in crisis and where to find help during recovery. We have also partnered with area agencies to help connect people to other services to support their lives.

Keeping reading for IMPORTANT crisis information and to learn what steps you can take to KNOW IT B4 U NEED It and help others KNOW IT TOO! If you need to go straight to our Richland County 1 Pager for support click here.


If you are IN CRISIS – Please Contact our LOCAL HELP LINE. This line is available 24 X 7 and staffed by trained professionals to provide HELP & HOPE

419-522-4357 (HELP)

If you need to talk, but you are NOT in crisis, the team on our WARM LINE is there to listen at and provide support.


How can help others KNOW IT B4 They Need it?

Embrace your friends and family throughout this holiday season provide the local support information and remind them there is HELP & HOPE by taking the following steps:

What’s the 1st Step?

Get your copy of the Richland County 1 Pager. Just click the button to download a copy for you or a loved one. Do you own a business? Keep a copy at work for your employees. Are you a leader of a local organization or Pastor of a church? Keep a copy on hand for your staff or members. This is the easiest way to help people #KnowItB4TheyNeedIt

Download the Richland County Ohio 1 pager for contact information for Help with Mental Illness & Addiction.

Step 2: Take Advantage of 2-1-1 for Richland County Information

Let the experts at First Call 2-1-1 be your “Go To” for all things Richland County.

First Call 2-1-1 is a free, confidential community service. Their mission is to provide useful information to the public and to help you find exactly what you need. Whether the issue you’re dealing with is simple or complex, they are here to help! Their up-to-date database allows them to search through local services and match your needs to the proper organizations and agencies to connect you to the help you need in Richland County.

The First Call 2-1-1 staff is trained and nationally certified to guide callers through the complex human services network. Sometimes situations can seem so overwhelming that it can be hard to see a solution. If you don’t know where to turn or who to call, start by calling 2-1-1.

Alternate Line: 419.522.4636 Toll-Free: 877.795.2111
Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by telephone.

Learn more about 2-1-1. This is the easiest way to #KnowItB4TheyNeedIt.

Step 3: Share this Information with Others

Let your friends and neighbors know about the Richland County 1-Pager and First Call 2-1-1.

These are important resources to share with your employers, employees, social groups, churches, family, friends and other organizations.

Knowing where to go for help, where to find support, information and answers helps make facing the unknowns of life so much easier.

We also provide FREE community speakers for many topics in Mental Health, Addiction, Prevention and Trauma Support.

Want your organization to #KnowItB4UNeedIt? Contact us to schedule a conversation, class or event.

Be A Good Neighbor Program the 2021 Iniative for the Know It Before You Need It Campaign in Richland County Ohio

Step 4: Join the #BeAGoodNeighor Program

Our Goal is to help more of our neighbors Know It B4 They Need It. Over 30 local organizations (and growing) are partnering to help us highlight current programming and resources for Richland County, Ohio residents including general information, local events, social services, mental health, addiction & recovery services, directives to help us cancel COVID-19 and more. Can you Be A Good Neighbor?

How Can I Be A Good Neighbor?

  1. Be Well. Do my best to stay well by caring for my physical, mental, emotional and relational health.
  2. Be Neighborly. Check on the people in my “neighborhood”. This can be the people on my street, the people I work with or people I am in shred interest groups with. I commit to checking in with them regularly.
  3. Know What’s Happening. Keep up with Richland County happenings by reading local news, listening to local radio & TV, follow on local social media or sign-up for newsletters from local agencies.
  4. Volunteer. Use my skills and talents to support local projects, groups and community organizations.

Help us share about the Behavioral Health Urgent Care
Please Download Flyer to print and share.

Behavioral Health Urgent Care Mansfield, Ohio location and hours flyer
Behavioral Health Urgent Care at Catalyst Mansfield Ohio

The KnowItB4UNeedIt Campaign was implemented by the Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board , in partnership with First Call 211NAMI – Richland County (National Alliance On Mental Illness), 33 Forever and local service providers along with the  Trauma Informed Recovery & Resilience Oriented Community of Care team to help our citizens Know It Before You Need It — Or Help You Know Where to Find It!

With the help of our partners Mid-State Multimedia GroupRichlandSource, and The United Way of Richland County we are canvasing our community with posters, flyers, billboards, TV/Radio and social media posts encouraging Richland County residents to find out about mental health, recovery, and general life services available to them.

We want to be sure our citizens know how to reach our Crisis Lines, Warm Line, First Call 211 and other social service agencies that can help find resources, services, classes or contacts to help with urgent life changes or for direction with educational or self improvement goals.

The #KnowItB4UNeedIt Team had the chance to sit down and be neighborly with Jay Fox on his show CoffeeTalk on WMFD TV. The Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board Executive Director Joe Trolian, Associate Director – Sherry Branham & Board Member Kym Lamb joined Jay in discussing, the different types of “neighborhoods” we belong to, how we can be good neighbors, how to stay neighborly safely due to Covid-19. They offered practical suggestions how we can reach out to NEW neighbors and how our personal decisions affect all of our neighborhoods. Please join us in the conversation. Comment below with what things your neighbors have been doing to support each other? Feeling alone and need to reach out? The Richland County Warm line is 419 522-5300

For a full list of Richland Count information and support numbers visit find help . We want to help you Know It Before You Need It or Know Where to find it!

Learn More About Our Partners: The Know It B4 U Need It is an initiative focused on connecting Richland County residents with information, services and supports. Helping to discover answers to county questions or find help and hope in a crisis. Lead by NAMI-Richland County in partnership with the Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, First Call 2-1-1, United Way, Mid-State Multimedia and Richland Source the #KnowItB4UNeedIt team strives to unite people with the help they need. Our community challenge in 2022 is to help our neighbors find this information too.


Who Is First Call 211?

First Call 211 is a free, confidential community service. Assistance can range from simple is to much more complex issues, and their up-to-date database allows them to search through local services and match those in need to the proper agencies for help.

Their staff are trained and nationally certified to guide callers though the complex human services network. Sometimes situations can seem so overwhelming that it can be hard to see a solution. First Call 211 staff members can help a caller by directing him or her to agencies in the area that could help with the particular need, while also examining resources the caller might already have.

First Call 211 is a collaborative partnership between the Mansfield Richland County Public Library and Richland County Job and Family Services.

What kind of information can I receive from First Call 211?

First Call 211 focuses on non-emergency community information.

  • Food Pantries and Community Meals
  • Housing/Shelters
  • Financial Assistance Information
  • Utility Assistance
  • Transportation Options
  • State and Local Government Offices
  • Consumer Protection/Consumer Education
  • Seasonal Assistance
  • Abuse Reporting
  • Food/Nutrition Programs
  • Immunizations/Health Care and Screenings
  • Educational Options

If the call is an emergency please call:

Mental Health/Emotional Crisis: 419.522.4357
Fire/Police/Rescue Squad: 9-1-1

How Do You Contact 211?

Just Dial (2-1-1)

Some telephone service providers may not support three digit dialing, but First Call 211 can be reached at this alternate number: 419.522.4636 or Toll Free: 877.795.2111 (Note: If you are calling from a cellphone without a 419 area code please use the alternate numbers.)

First Call is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone. A staff member will assist you throughout the call to define the nature of the inquiry, and explore solutions together. To best assist you, the staff member may ask questions (such as age, zip code, and status of others in the household) to help determine eligibility and direct him or her to the services that best meet his or her needs. ALL information shared during a call is confidential.

Need to Speak with Someone In Person?

First Call 211 of Richland County has walk-in services available from 9:00am–4:00pm Monday through Friday at their office. They are located at 36 West Third Street Mansfield, OH 44902. Just across the street from the Main Library Building.

Are You Looking Specifically For Mental Health & Recovery Services?

We would like to connect you with the Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board’s service provider agencies.

Do You Want To Help Others Know It Before They Need It?

Please share First Call 211 with family, friends and others in need. Let them know there is help and it is just a phone call away!

Thank you!