Faces & Journeys of HOPE

Meet The Faces of Hope in Richland County, Ohio

Meet Mike

Mike shares his story about addressing obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.

Thank you Mike for sharing your Hope and for helping others.

Meet Meri

Meri McCann has been sober since January 2019. She tells her story about poly-substance use disorder, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She received outpatient services from Catalyst Life Services and med assistance treatment from Third Street Family Health.

Thank you Meri, working so hard to break your cycle, sharing your gratitude. Your journey now helps others.

Ready to stop your cycle? Visit our list of local providers here.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca shares her story about treatment for mental health issues and meth addiction while in the penal system in Oregon. The program she participated in is called Turning Point. Rebecca has been sober for 15 years now.

Rebecca is a Community Health Worker who uses her experience to now help others walk their journey.

Thank you Rebecca.

Find the path that works for you. Visit our list of local providers here.

Meet Stan & Val

A parents struggle to save their son and family from addiction, Stan and Val, now share their knowledge as certified peer supporters running the Starfish Project of Richland County.

Their sons journey from prison to pastor shows what is possible when families work together.

Val & Stan work every day to help other people children survive addiction too.

Starfish and other organizations are here to support you. Visit our list of local providers here.

Meet Ashley

Ashley Coy shares her story about recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. She received treatment from Catalyst and has been sober for four years.

Not ready for recovery but faced with a choice between losing what she loved or help. She chose help.

Detox at Catalyst opened her door to recovery. Tools like AA, accountability and the Sober Support she is living her sobriety daily.

Ashley is a peer recovery support specialist using her “insider knowledge” to help others to the hard work of recovery at Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric Services

Family Life, Catalyst and other organizations are here to support your recovery. Visit our list of local providers here.

Meet Jen & Remembering Nick

Jen Lemon discusses the death of her son Nick at the age of 26 from a drug overdose and how she and her family have dealt with the aftermath.

Jen prayed for a purpose from Nick’s life and their experiences, support him in life and after.

Jen and her husband has established the the 11/22 project that provides personal hygiene items for those entering their journey at New Beginnings. A practical bag with help items to give hope.

They organize the local International Overdose Awareness Day recognition event in Lexington, Ohio.

Healing Hearts and other organizations are here to support you as a family member or the person in the addiction. Visit our list of local providers here.

Meet Joe and Amanda Nicholls

Joe Nicholls talks about being sober for 14 years and the work that he and his wife Amanda do with Project One – ARC which helps those with addictions find treatment options and peer support.

Years of addiction has been turned into a mission and vision through the ARC Empowerment Center helping and serving others in Mansfield, Richland County.

Find more supports like them on our list of local providers here.

Meet Bradley Tarr

Bradley Tarr discusses his treatment with Catalyst for schizo-affected disorder and bi-polar disorder. Now age 30, Bradley has been in treatment for the past 19 years.

From voices in the 4th grade followed by depression Bradley was supported by The Center and Akron Children’s Hospital in his first season of his mental health journey.

Dr Burggraf at Family Life helped Bradley during his high school years.

Currently, Bradley is the Resurrection Parish Librarian and a advocate for mental health. He speaks effectively about his journey to people and organizations to help inform and increase solutions and positive outcomes.

Throughout Bradley’s journey he has worked with several local and area agencies to help him live well. Do you need assistance? Visit this list of local providers here.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Redfern discusses her journey to recovery from intense traumatic PTSD, multi substance abuse disorder, anxiety and depression. She is 5 years sober and received treatment from Catalyst.

Lost her kids, lost her home, lost everything and trapped in a cycle of use and abuse her disease almost won.

An arrest and jail time led her to a faith and the help she needed. Treatment court was part of her path and she now has her children back, has many supports and hope for herself and others.

Do you need supports like Amanda did? Visit the list of local providers here.

Meet MaryKay & her brother John

Mary Kay Pierce chats about her brother John who had a psychotic break in 1980 at the age of 22 and is in ongoing recovery for schizo-affected disorder.

MaryKay’s experience with her brother led her to advocate for him and ultimately for all of those in Richland County, Ohio as one of the co-founders of the Richland County NAMI.

John is doing well. He has not been in a hospital in 9 years. He does live in supported housing. His family is a key part of his care along with medication and they will continue to help him stay in their family and support his treatment.

Are you a family member of a person living through a mental health condition? Visit the list of local providers here.

Meet Warren & Wyatt

Warren and Wyatt Carpenter are the children of Amanda Redfern from Episode 8. They tell their story about their mother’s addiction, the impact that it had on their lives, their separation and ultimate reunion as a family.

Mental health doesn’t just affect the person in crisis. It’s ripple reaches everyone of us.

Listen to their honest feedback.

Are you a family member of a person living through a mental health condition? Visit the list of local providers here.

Meet Oliver

Oliver Cline shares his story of coming out and finding acceptance as an African-American gay male. His mother, Renda Cline, has been his support system.

Being his authentic self, dealing with life, a situation at a time and meeting people where they are part of his healthy life strategies.

Oliver, now is an active part part of Gravity Ohio.

Need help finding ways to be your authentic self? Visit the list of local providers here.

Meet Olivia

Olivia Corwin is currently in treatment for PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. She started her treatment with Dr. Patton at Pioneer and is now pursuing other sources of treatment. Her diagnosis is genetic with both mother and grandmother having similar issues.

Knowing you need help, seeing others accept help and being willing to accept help is part of the journey.

Are you recognizing the signs? Here is the list of local providers.

Meet Jeff & Remembering Dani

Jeff Heck and his wife Donna are the founders of 33 Forever. Their daughter Dani committed suicide in 2019. Jeff chats with Jay about the impact that her death and legacy have had on him and his family.

Learn more about Dani and 33 Forever.life.

Watch Sparking the Conversation.

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Meet Doug

Doug Newsome talks about his battles with drugs and alcohol as he celebrates 9 years of sobriety and 6.5 years of being clean.

What was your rock bottom?

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to start the journey back? Here is the list of local providers.

Meet Jeremy

Jaremy Crouse chats with Jay Fox about his addiction to Xanex and heroin and celebrating four years sober on May 14th. Crouse currently serves as the community outreach manager for Brightview of Lorain County.

Brightview has a local office in Richland County. Pain meds were the catalyst for Jaremy. Trying to ascend the downward spiral took years. Seizures led him to the hospital and peer support guidance to an inpatient treatment that led to his wellness and career.

Here is the list of local providers who can help you too.

Meet Steve

Steve McNutt talks with Jay about his addictions and the life transformation that has occurred during his 6+ years of sobriety. Steve was an IOP patient at Family Life.

A professional functioning addict that began with back pain, Steve talks about the reality of what the journey looks like.

There is no such thing as a functioning addict. Here is the list of local providers who can help.

Meet Brian

Brian Prats shares his honest experience with grief, the addiction of smoking, dealing with COPD and embracing and moving through each step of making peace with life, loss and living after the loved ones pass.

Do need help navigating the grief of loss, navigating addiction or processing trauma? Here is a list to our local providers who can help.

Meet Eric

Eric Stigall spent 10 years as a chaplain specializing in spiritual and pastoral care for OhioHealth. Eric chats with Jay about the role of spiritual and pastoral care in the healing process for grief, anxiety, depression and addiction. Eric is now the Executive Director of Gravity Ohio and in this video shares his experience walking with people through trauma, trials and death. He shares is own methods for dealing with crisis and staying hopeful.

Find people who can help and provide hope here local providers .

Meet Billie Jo

Billie Jo Hinds chats with Jay Fox about addiction, incarceration, family and hope against all odds. Thankful for prison, illness and just being able to live her life after finding and fighting for sobriety.

Ready to find help and hope? Here are local providers .

Meet Diane

Diane Wolfe chats with Jay Fox about her journey and recovery with alcoholism. Loss of a spouse, relocation and new job in a year, triggered depression and a dependency on alcohol. Misunderstanding of what depression was and years of hiding her alcoholism was the duo that kept her from getting help until a “chance” meeting with a friend opened the door for recovery and the return of joy to her life. She uses art as a way to share her recovery.

A journey of faith , hope, love and perseverance.

Need to open that door for yourself or a loved one? Here are local providers .

Meet Reneta

Reneta Music chats with Jay Fox about PTSD, anxiety and overcoming trauma through strength. In her case, her strength is karate and she uses the mental teachings of the martial art to guide her daily life.

Looking for support to find your strength? Here are local providers .

Meet Jasmyn

Jasmyn Webb chats with Jay Fox about her struggles with identity, depression and substance abuse.

Want to reach out for help? Here are local providers .

Meet Drew

Drew Anderson chats with Jay Fox about family disfunction, alcoholism and incarceration.

There is support, Here are local providers .

Meet Kendra

Kendra Boggs shares with Jay Fox the story of the suicide of her sister Mary in 1999 and the long-term impact it had on her family.

Do you need support? Here are local providers .

Meet Deena

Deena Hamilton chats with Jay Fox about her personal struggles between her religious upbringing and the sexuality of both her twin boys and herself.

Is it time for a conversation? Here are local providers .

Meet Rachel

Jay Fox chats with Rachel Hawkins who is a student support social worker supervisor for Catalyst Life Services based at Mansfield Senior High School.

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Meet Dr Donna Wick

Jay talks with Donna Wick about suicidal ideation and action and beginning again after 55.

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Meet Jonathan

Jonathan Patton chats with Jay Fox about his sobriety journey and the role that the Rosie C Ranch played in his recovery.

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During the months of April & May will will be uploading videos of local Faces sharing their Journeys of Hope. We hope their journeys encourage you and provide insight for your own journey or someone you know. Richland County offers many roads to recovery. Learn more about the help available here.

We are also collecting ART to display throughout Richland County to share HOPE for May is Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond.

Want to Share Your Journey?