May is Mental Health Awareness Month 2023- Look for Faces of HOPE


The theme for May is Mental Health Month 2023 in Richland County is “Look For Local Faces Of HOPE”

There are LOCAL Faces of Hope who are here to provide help in your recovery journey. We want to be sure you can find them when you need them.

Through the “Know It Before You Need It” community initiative we are continuing to reach Richland County residents to communicate where they can find mental health, recovery and trauma support in our county. We want our residents to know of the available services before they need them. Our ‘Good Neighbor’ movement goals are to activate more people to be aware of mental health, HELP and HOPE in Richland County and be equipped to share that information at any time with a friend, neighbor or family member in need.

“We now have more people entering recovery on any given day than we have seen. It’s indicative of a much larger increase in problems that we’ve had in the past. People are seeking help and we have a lot of agencies that people can seek that help.” Joe Trolian, Executive Director.

Where can you look for Faces of Hope? Here is the list of our area agencies.

What to hear from these Faces of Hope? Visit our success story videos of local people who themselves, or their loved ones are on their way to wellness.

Visit our HOPE Art Gallery. View the online gallery. You will also see this art canvasing Richland county during the months of May & June. Want to share your HOPE ART ? Submit are here.

We have seen how our organizations and community members have worked exhaustively to provide innovative care options to stay connected with those in need. We know access to care is the key. We offer the following support to Richland County, Ohio:

24-hour Crisis Line 419‑522‑4357 (HELP)

Warmline at 419-522-5300. Just need to talk, but you are not in crisis


741 Scholl Road, Mansfield
Monday – 8:00AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday – 8:00AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday – 7:30AM – 7:30 PM
Thursday – 7:30AM – 7:30 PM
Friday – 8:00AM – 4:00 PM

A Behavioral Health Urgent Cares gives access to initial assessments and brief, solution-focused counseling 5 days a week including evening hours, on a walk-in basis. We know that when someone decides they need help it is essential that they can access care quickly and conveniently.

As a community, we want to thank and encourage Richland County residents, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses, and schools for continuing to serve our county. Being aware of prevention, intervention and postvention supports on the mental health journey gives ALL of us the ability to provide Local Help and Local Hope.

A SPECIAL Thank you to those who are sharing their journeys to provide hope to others.

Throughout the month there will be celebrations, events, and opportunities to increase your Mental Health knowledge and to learn more about services and service providers available in Richland County, Ohio.

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Download your 2023 Richland County, Ohio May Is Mental Health Awareness Month Event Calendar. Check back as new events are added to the calendar or visit our on-line calendar.

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