Community Survey

HOW ARE WE DOING? Please take this brief 20 question survey to help us insure we are Trauma-Informed Resilience & Recovery Oriented in meeting the needs of Richland County, Ohio residents.



In 2016 the Behavioral Health System began an initiative to become more Trauma-Informed, Resilience and Recovery Oriented in the ways we delivered services and interacted with the community. Part of the process is to periodically reach out to those we serve, their families and the people who suggest that residents seek out our services. Below are links to surveys for the agencies and the Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Board. These surveys are brief ( 20 questions or less).

If you are someone who has received services from one or more of the agencies listed or are a family member of someone who received services, please complete the survey on the left, if you have referred individuals to one of the agencies or interacted with one of the agencies for something other than personal need, please complete the survey on the right. If you do not have an answer for a question, please select “Neither agree nor disagree,” rather than leaving it blank. Surveys will be open through March 4, 2022.

Your feedback helps us determine any gaps or areas of improvement as we create our next 5 year plan. Your help is invaluable to our continuing success.

Thank you for your feedback,

Richland County’s TIRROCC Board

Individual with lived experience And Family MembersAGENCY Referral Sources and Community Partners Life Services Life Counseling UMADAOP Hearts Counseling Action for Capable Youth Alliance On Mental Illness Mental Health & Recovery Services Board
Choose the Agency link based on who was served. Are you an individual or family member ? Click the left column links. Are you a referral source or community partner? Click right column links.