Early Childhood Mental Health

Early relationships and experiences at home and in other environments set the stage for how a child learns to manage his or her emotions. Catalyst Life Services is the recipient of funds, provided by Ohio Department of Mental Health, that support mental health consultation services for early childhood providers and families of young children. The ECMH initiative also facilitates the development of community wellness and prevention activities targeting the healthy social and emotional development of infants, toddlers, young children and their families. Services and activities targeted to programs serving young children and families include:

  • Clinical consultation to early childhood programs, including mentoring, coaching and classroom observation
  • Training and educational sessions, as part of the consultation process, including problem identification, referral processes, classroom management strategies, the impact of maternal depression, substance abuse, domestic violence and other stressors
  • Work with parents/families/grandparents/foster parents, as identified through the consultation process, to enhance their ability to create strong, nurturing environments for and relationships with their young children